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For long lasting pools in endless sizes and shapes use EPDM-SF, 45 mil thick, black rubber sheeting - This material conforms perfectly to contours. It is unaffected by bacterial growth and sunlight, having a life expectancy of more than 50 years as a garden pool. These liners are available in the sizes below. These sizes create a pool 24” deep.

Shipping not Included. Pick-Up Prices Only.

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The pages of Our Online Catalog and our Free Guide to Water Gardening are designed to show you how quickly you can have a water garden for a moderate investment. You will find this new leisure-time hobby will become a family affair from start to finish. The pictures and illustrations will tell you just how to get started.

You are welcome to visit us. Paradise Water Gardens, LTD is located on Route 18, just south of Route 27 in rural Whitman, Massachusetts. Established in 1950, we have grown rapidly in recent years with the rise of interest in this hobby. We are open year round and our aquarium business keeps us busy all winter. We are a family business.


Thank you for taking the time to look through our web site. Don't miss our Advice Pages, browse through our Online Catalog, request that we mail you our Free Catalog and if you have any questions about our products or about our web site, please, don't hesitate to Contact Us. We'll be happy to help.

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The Joy of Water Gardening

An Old Art Becomes A New Hobby!

The Joy of Water Gardening Create a quiet corner filled with the peace and tranquility that the Japanese have known for a thousand years.

I would like to introduce you to the wonderful world of Water Gardening. The captivating art of water gardens has been known to the Japanese for a thousand years. It is to create a quiet corner or retreat. It will transform as magic an aura of complete peace and tranquillity. Water creates this magic through sound and motion or reflective stillness. Endlessly it changes in a moment; a frog on a lily pad, schools of friendly Koi nibble at your finger tips, an aristocratic Water Lily opens before your eyes and its fragrance fills the air and offers nectar to the bees. Dragon Flies come and go resplendent and iridescent when closely seen.

Japanese Gardens or Semi Japanese Gardens are easily attained with a garden pool as a focal point. The Japanese influence can be found throughout our catalog.

The investment is Water Gardening is small and the rewards are great. Life is short so take the time to create and enjoy this special niche of God's creation. Through meditation you will gain peace of mind. You'll not regret this discovery of the Joy of Water Gardening.

When visiting an authentic Japanese Garden, I read and memorized these philosophic words:

    The abode of three loves,
    Love of Country; Love of Fellow Man; Love of Work.

    The precept of life as related by Ichimura
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